Keen Settlement Services Incorporated is an attorney based, fully RESPA Compliant, Loan Settlement Company with headquarters in Merrick, New York (Long Island). At Keen Settlement, we serve as loan closing settlement agents for various local and national lenders, closing both residential and commercial loans for primary/secondary residences, vacation homes, investment property, and vacant property.  We close at any time or place, even in the borrower’s home.

Our employees have 20+ years of loan closing experience preparing and assembling loan closing documentation/packages, not limited to Closing Disclosures (CD); Net Available Figures, and the like. We are fully familiar with all TRID guidelines, and adhere strictly to same. In addition, we pride ourselves in proactively assisting all our clientele with receiving a "clear to close” for any/all loans with which we are involved. We work closely with all of our mortgage banker/broker and lender clientele to assure that all loan closings result in a satisfactory and pleasant loan closing experience for all involved.

We look forward to the opportunity to undertake any/all of your loan closing needs!


Loan Settlement Agents, Residential Purchases, and Residential Refinances

Please excuse our appearance as our website is currently under construction. If you need to contact Keen Settlement Services Incorporated for any loan or real estate closing needs, you may call us at (516) 600-9769 or email us at


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